Service Updates

  • We have finally finished the planned updated on our services.
    We couldnt finish updating all services in the timeframe as planned, as we had to fight some DNS issues - again. Now that the DNS migration should be finished we could continue Updating our services as planned.

    From now on, Discord will be mandatory, for the Gameworld & Forum, your Permissions (Alpha_Tester / Admin) will be automaticly given to your connected Discord account, we will publish a how-to soon.

    Underneath you will find a List containing most changes done in this Update from 0.6.0 to 0.6.1.

    • Webservies are now fully Enycrypted with SSL
    • DNS Migrations are finnished
    • Databases are now fully secured from acces outside our services
    • Acces to our Servers is now only possible with the correct hardware key
    • Gameworld php&apache updated
    • Logo was adjusted
    • Discord is syncing from now on
    • Changelog page added
    • Timeline page added
    • Cache finetuneing on landingpage
    • Spamprotection was implimented on Forum
    • ReCaptcha was intruduced.
    • Friendsystem is fully ready for use
    • Debug mode deactivated (php & suite)
    • Some design changes (now blue)

    We also done some Gameworld changes - some of them are Public.

    • Pilots will now be ranked in their Licienses
    • Started work on first stable branch of our Gameworld
    • Basic Airline-Creation concept implimented.

    • Gameworld Server now uses all 10 cores
    • Gameworld Server now has 64gb RAM
    • Gameworld Server now uses NVMe SSD (400GB)
    • (HIDDEN)

    Upcomming :
    Privacy Statement on all gathered Data is beeing written
    Finetunings to our Gameworld-server monitoring
    And much much more.....

    Thats it for this weeks big update. Stay tuned for more infos.