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    We will be releasing our first major update on the 26.01.2020. The Maintenance will begin arround 00:00Z and may take up to 4 hours.

    During this timeframe all running flights will be canceled by our system. Refunding lost money for this is NOT possible. Please end your flight approximately 10 Minutes before our Maintenance window will open to not risk any lost data.
    There should not be any lost Money, Bought Airports / Planes in this Update, if you encounter such problems please contact our support.

    After this Update all Pilot positions will be reset to their initial airport, same for all Airplanes.

    A Changelog will be Published in our Changelog area later on 28.01.

    Save Flying,
    World - of - Airlines Admin Team

    F I Z Z Y

    For all tech-nerds this post may be interesting, we promised, to communicate almost everything as open as we could.

    In this post we will talk about our Servers, their Hardware, their Location, or even some crazy storys about them.

    As some of you may or may not knew, we are running mostly of our own hardware, meaning unlike most other services, we are owning the server itself, of course it means higher costs, if for example a server just quits. We have had some faliures during our last months, wich our systems really prove their realibility on.

    The one faliure where we really had to switch some parts, was when a power-supply failed on us, and as our servers use properitary mainboards, we had to wait almost 3 days for a new one to ship, but this server`s load was simply transfered to the other ones.

    Some of our services also run on webhostings, and/or vps for backup or cheaper load-balancing.

    Server 1 :
    This is our primary server where most incoming HTTP traffic will be send on. It probaly is also is the server you are currently reading this post on.
    It is allready aged, and will re replaced with a stronger one, once the load is higher. This will be a very simple process. This server is running on older hardware, as it wont face as much load as our game servers.

    Specs :

    CPU : Intel Xeon E3-1225v2
    RAM : 64GB, 4 dedicated to php.
    HDD : WD RED 10TB

    Connection : 1000 Mbit/s

    Server 2 :
    This is where most of our game-server magic happens, it also serves as load balancer and will spread load from server 3-4.
    Specs :
    CPU : Intel Xeon E5-2630v4

    RAM : 64GB, 16gb dedicated to php.
    HDD/SSD : Corsair Neutron NX500, 400GB nvme SSD.

    Connection : 1000 Mbit/s
    Special Hardware : Sattleite Reciever, PFsense hardware firewall.
    Once this load is not enough anymore, we will upgrade basicly every spec to its double.

    Server 3 :
    CPU : 2x Intel Xeon E5-2640v1
    RAM : 48GB, another 256gb are currently in shipping, as one Module failed lately.
    HDD / SSD : 1TB Hitachi HDD; 256gb SSD

    Connection : 400Mbit/s
    Special Hardware : Fully Watercooled, RX480GPU, Powersupply currently glued into its case, more on this on a later point :whistling:.....

    Server 4
    CPU :Intel Xeon E5-2678v3
    RAM : 32GB
    HDD/SSD : 1tb HDD, 256gb sas.

    Connection : 1000Mbit/s
    Special Hardware : Quadro P5000

    Server 5 :
    Not yet active eta march 2020
    CPU : Intel Xeon W3235
    RAM : 32GB
    HDD/SSD : 2TBhdd / 256gb sas
    Connection 1000Mbit/s down & 400up
    Special Hardware : RTX6000 GPU
    Yes it will be hugely overkill, but that is one plus side of self-hosting :) '
    Current state : In Testing :P

    This FAQ will be updated regulary.

    Here you will find every information you will need regarding the start of our first closed alpha.

    Timeframe : Not yet announced.
    Subjects : General Testing of our backend, its capabillities, stability, and also minor adjustments to our financial system.


    We will start the apply phase shortly, so stay up to date, and also enlist on our discord, so you wont miss the very short window of closed alpha regestrations.

    We have finally finished the planned updated on our services.
    We couldnt finish updating all services in the timeframe as planned, as we had to fight some DNS issues - again. Now that the DNS migration should be finished we could continue Updating our services as planned.

    From now on, Discord will be mandatory, for the Gameworld & Forum, your Permissions (Alpha_Tester / Admin) will be automaticly given to your connected Discord account, we will publish a how-to soon.

    Underneath you will find a List containing most changes done in this Update from 0.6.0 to 0.6.1.

    • Webservies are now fully Enycrypted with SSL
    • DNS Migrations are finnished
    • Databases are now fully secured from acces outside our services
    • Acces to our Servers is now only possible with the correct hardware key
    • Gameworld php&apache updated
    • Logo was adjusted
    • Discord is syncing from now on
    • Changelog page added
    • Timeline page added
    • Cache finetuneing on landingpage
    • Spamprotection was implimented on Forum
    • ReCaptcha was intruduced.
    • Friendsystem is fully ready for use
    • Debug mode deactivated (php & suite)
    • Some design changes (now blue)

    We also done some Gameworld changes - some of them are Public.

    • Pilots will now be ranked in their Licienses
    • Started work on first stable branch of our Gameworld
    • Basic Airline-Creation concept implimented.

    • Gameworld Server now uses all 10 cores
    • Gameworld Server now has 64gb RAM
    • Gameworld Server now uses NVMe SSD (400GB)
    • (HIDDEN)

    Upcomming :
    Privacy Statement on all gathered Data is beeing written
    Finetunings to our Gameworld-server monitoring
    And much much more.....

    Thats it for this weeks big update. Stay tuned for more infos.

    Underneath you will find all current known forum bugs and their state of beeing fixed.

    • Dropdown refresh only works after reloading the page (F5)
    • SSL not yet working fully
    • Background logo has wrong klickbox.
    • Your session has expired, please submit the form again. At Signup or Login
      If you encounter this Bug, please be sure the link you are using is like this :
      This is a bug we encounter because of our recent SSL problems.

    Color Codes :
    Urgent - fixed asap

    Normal - next free developer will work on this

    No Prio - will be worked on in the next 4weeks.

    WIP - work in progress
    PLA - in planing phase

    NYS - not yet started

    Welcome Pilot to the closed Alpha of WOA!!!

    If you want to be, one of the first Pilots on this new system create here a new Theard with the following informations:

    • Name:
    • Gamesystem wich you are using (X-Plane 11, FSX, P3D....):
    • Age:
    • Planes wich you are Flying (B737-800, C172,...):
    • Favourited routes of you (Like EDDS-EDDW):
      • please give us the ICAO´s so we can create faster routes for you
      • please write us all routes wich you wanna fly for the moment (Max. 5)
    • Why do you want play on WOA?:
    • Other Informations you want to give us:

    We hope we can Start the Alpha at January and give you as soon as possible informations about the project.

    You can also join our Discordserver for more informations, or send us your Questions (

    Best Greetings

    Your DEV Team of WOA